7 Shoe Resolutions


The lion's share of New Year's resolutions are well-intentioned, yet hard to keep. The exception? Fashion-based promises that are more stylish pleasure than serious pledge. 

Just in time to welcome 2020, we decided to focus on the topic closest to our hearts and suggest some resolutions that will benefit your closet—and your shoes.

1 - I will keep track of my dustbags. 

I will reserve a dedicated space for them so I always can find them in an inevitable moment of frenzied packing.

2 - Speaking of which, I will use my dustbags.

Especially when traveling or packing in order to avoid jostling wear-and-tear (and while I'm at it, I will take shoe shapers along for the ride).

3 - I will stop cramming shoes in every nook and cranny.

Rather, I will find a shelf or rack so they can breath comfortably and allow me to see them at a glance.

4 - I will challenge myself with new shapes or shades.

Fortune favors the bold. In 2020, I will experiment with a color or print I wouldn't typically go for.

5 - I will become my shoes' protector.

This is the year I will make using suede cleaner and protector a habit.

6 - I will give my shoes some well deserved time-off.

When at home, I will let them rest (and invest in a luxe pair of slippers).

7 - And finally, I will buy smarter.

I will purchase quality products—shoes or otherwise—with thoughtful design that are meant to last season after season (a smart investment that's also good for the planet).

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