A Look Behind-the-Scenes of our LA Photo Shoot


One of the more magical parts of working in the fashion business, hands down, is the photo shoots. With makeup and hair wizards, stylists whose actual job is to construct the perfect outfit, and a constellation of other creative minds, it’s a hive of like-minded people working tirelessly towards bringing a shared vision from paper to life.  

Since we’d be remiss to keep all that fun to ourselves, we decided to open the studio door to our most recent campaign shoot. Captured in Los Angeles, the City Sandal’s debut was a week to remember. Led by renowned photographer Coliena Rentmeester, we were excited to bring together an all-star cast in an all-female crew. Our new creative consultant, Samantha Traina, styled - and Amy Chin was the genius behind all things hair and make up. The setting was pure magic, and thanks to our model, Vanessa, we will treasure these images for years to come.

Scroll down to see the candid moments that happened as everything came together.

Photographer: Coliena Rentmeester

Stylist: Samantha Traina

Hair and Makeup: Amy Chin

Model: Vanessa Ouma