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We launched Margaux with a mission to make beautiful, more comfortable shoes: The staples we we needed in our own closets, and the quality we could count on season after season. Each pair is designed with care in New York, handmade in Spain, and engineered to deliver comfort, confidence, and style without missing a step.


By Design: Annabelle Moehlmann on the Intersection of Life and Work


Cheerful, optimistic, and full of energy, Schumacher x Margaux was inspired by vivacious and stylish creatives—and in celebration of the collaboration we're featuring several such tastemakers, from top interior designers and style connoisseurs to creators and curators at Schumacher. 

We're collecting our conversations in this special "By Design" series. Below, hear how Land of Belle founder Annabelle Moehlmann layers with aplomb, then learn what Schumacher Style Director Tori Mellott does on an average day at work.

Getting the opportunity to chat with our former Modern Muse Annabelle Moehlmann for "By Design" was a true treat. While that first feature focused on some of her very stylish picks, this conversation turned to work, brand-building, and how becoming a mother has changed her wardrobe. 

For Annabelle, life, style, and career have always been intertwined. She cut her teeth with various roles in the design world before letting her own life direct her path: Her beautifully curated site Land of Belle came to be when, newly engaged, she realized the available options for wedding registries needed something more eclectic and aesthetically pleasing; her latest, Land of Bébé, coincided with the arrival of her daughter. 

With a career based on having equal parts innate style and a business sense for what people are looking for—plus a clear belief in following your heart—we were thrilled to speak more.

With Land of Belle you've created this enchanting world: How do you think about building a brand that has such a personality and defined aesthetic? 

Land of Belle grew out of a desire to showcase incredible homeware from interesting brands and artisans that I had discovered on my travels. I am forever awestruck by the creativity and work that goes into creating a single product. With Land of Belle, I set out to build a curated collection of pieces by various makers and put them together in a way that feels beautiful, interesting, and timeless. 

I'd say that while our brand has a defined aesthetic—of feeling layered and global and colorful and uplifting—we love nothing more than a customer making our collection their own. We breath life into the items we collect, giving them new context and meaning as they enter our homes and become inextricably tied to the wonderful memories we create there. 

How do you work with prints, both at home and in your own wardrobe? How will you style the collaboration?

I definitely gravitate towards prints—my home is covered in them and my closet filled with them! I'd say don't be afraid to layer prints together, just make sure they complement—and don't compete with—each other. When mixing prints, create cohesion by combining similar color palettes or motifs but add contrast with a variety of scales. When in doubt, pair prints with strong gorgeous solids. I never say no to a jewel-toned cotton velvet, be it on a settee or a clutch. 

I just adore the Schumacher x Margaux. To keep it chic and easy, pair them with jeans and a pretty blouse or t-shirt and allow the shoes to shine. Wear them with a romantic floral slip dress or skirt with a cropped cardigan for a charming and ethereal summer look.

How would you describe your signature style? Which Margaux style best fits in your aesthetic? 

Feminine, timeless, glamorous. That said, I'm definitely in jeans and a t-shirt half the time, so there you go. For shoes, The Pointe, 100 percent!

Your daughter turned one recently—congratulations! Do you feel motherhood has impacted your style and taste at all? Land of Bébé gave you a beautiful new space to play, but did you also notice anything about Land of Belle change?

Thank you so much. I wouldn't say motherhood has changed my style or taste, but I am more thoughtful about certains things. I like to wear clothing that I can easily sit on the floor and play in (goodbye mini skirts and overly tight jeans, but honestly goodbye to them regardless!). When it comes to furniture, I'm definitely gravitating toward rounded edges these days.

What does being a girl on the gaux mean to you?

I feel honored and empowered to be included in a group of such strong and talented women. Being a girl on the gaux means having the courage to go for your dreams, putting in the work, and making it look effortless.

Discover Schumacher x Margaux, including The Pointe in Cassis as seen on Annabelle, here.

Photos by Kirsten R. Francis