#gauxtips: Clean Home Habits to Start Now


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Keeping our homes clean and germ-free has never felt like more of a focus. Beyond the concerns of staying healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we're also spending a lot more time in our space—and extra activity has required more vigilant cleaning.

We went back to Gaux Girl Sarah Paiji Yoo, founder of eco-friendly cleaning brand Blueland, to ask how she's switched up her cleaning game to be extra careful with what's coming into her home.

Devote some extra cleansing to keep coronavirus at bay.

"One new routine I’ve implemented is wiping down our groceries with our foaming hand soap. It spreads really easily, so it’s been great to wipe down everything from cereal boxes to milk bottles to apples. I also wipe down our counters with our multi-surface cleaner after unpacking groceries to reduce the risk of bringing outside germs into our home."

Don't forget the grime you can't see.

"People often forget the things that you touch the most but don’t appear dirty, like handles, doorknobs and light switches. Since they're not as visibly dirty as a countertop or kitchen table, they often get the least attention. Don’t forget the things you touch while outside and bring into the home either: your keys, credit card, glasses, and phone."

There's no need to go overboard with cleaner.

"I like to spray everything, let the cleaner sit for a few seconds, then wipe it down with a reusable cloth. There’s no need to double down on the amount of product you use. Your normal amount is just as effective in removing the mess; a little goes a long way."

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