Breakfast on Bleecker


Opening our doors at Bleecker Street feels a bit like finding that too-good-to-be-true city apartment - You know the one: The place you can make your own, and (imagine!) entertain. Just like that apartment isn't just any old apartment, Margaux Bleecker isn't just a store. It's a gathering place: A space where we can meet our customers, and bring together our growing community of gaux girls.

As we began to put down roots on Bleecker, we knew immediately that we wanted to bring together the female founders who have become friends, confidantes, and sources of inspiration into the store to celebrate this special moment with us. So we teamed up with fellow Gaux Girl (and Bleecker neighbor) Nell Diamond, the brilliant founder of Hill House Home, to host a breakfast for this incredible group of women.

Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek at our intimate get-together one warm summer day:

The morning began at Margaux Bleecker, where guests enjoyed coffee and pastries served by The Elk: Our West Village haunt of choice founded by another fearless Gaux Girl, Claire Chan.

387 Bleecker was abuzz with this diverse, energetic group of founders whose industries spanned fashion, food, finance, and beyond. In customary gaux girl style, we threw agendas to the wind and spent the ensuing hour sharing ideas and swapping stories of the high and lows (and everything in between) of founding a business.

After a welcome by our co-hosts from Goldman Sachs (and with the group sufficiently caffeinated), we wandered down the street to Hill House Home where breakfast, conversation, and collaboration continued.

Our guests delighted in Hill House Home's whimsical printed wallpaper and crips linens - Frankly, we'd like to move in ourselves! And as the morning drew on, spilled out into the street for a quintessential village morning on Bleecker.

After all, that's what this street is all about: Cultivating an oasis of community, tradition, and beauty within this wild and wonderful concrete jungle.


Photos by Kirsten Francis for Margaux