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We launched Margaux with a mission to make beautiful, more comfortable shoes: The staples we we needed in our own closets, and the quality we could count on season after season. Each pair is designed with care in New York, handmade in Spain, and engineered to deliver comfort, confidence, and style without missing a step.


By Design


Cheerful, optimistic, and full of energy, Schumacher x Margaux was inspired by vivacious and stylish creatives—and in celebration of the collaboration we featured several such tastemakers, from top interior designers and style connoisseurs to creators and curators at Schumacher. 

Discover all of our conversations in this special "By Design" series below.

  • Dara Caponigro explained how Schumacher approached the collaboration, and, as the brand's Creative Director, which style "took my breath away. It’s the perfect combo of decadence and restraint." [Read more here]
  • Young Huh proved following your passion is a must—even when it means leaving behind other carefully laid plans: "It wasn’t hard to leave the law, but it was hard to not feel guilty about not using my education. I finally got over it when my husband said, 'Don’t let your education be a burden to you. We should never regret the paths we have taken to get to where we are.'" [Read more here]
  • Pam Marshall shared how a heritage brand like Schumacher merges the past and present, describing part of her role as Vice President of Design: "We embrace new technologies where appropriate, but never as an end-all and we continue to create in old-world ways as well. We constantly challenge ourselves with bringing the best possible products to life, knowing they will be in someone’s home and that they should bring joy and be meaningful." [Read more here]
  • Alyssa Kapito revealed how her love of history affects the way she approaches building a memorable interior: "I definitely view interiors through more of an academic lens. It’s not just a room for me—it’s a mix of lots of different periods and pieces that are coming together to create a space." [Read more here]
  • Tori Mellott opened the doors to the Schumacher showroom and what her job as Style Director entails: "I focus on ensuring all of the images and content we put out into the social universe reflect the Schumacher brand—who we are and what we stand for." [Read more here]
  • Annabelle Moehlmann explained her approach to layering when it comes to home and her wardrobe: "Our brand has a defined aesthetic—of feeling layered and global and colorful and uplifting . . . create cohesion by combining similar color palettes or motifs but add contrast with a variety of scales." [Read more here]