#gauxtips: Calming Tonics for Morning, Noon, and Night


Introducing #gauxtips, a new series of tips, advice, and recommendations from our smart, endlessly amazing family of Gaux Girls. We'll introduce you to some of the founders, designers, and execs who make up this amazing community of women as we take another step into each of their unique worlds to bring you shareable nuggets of wisdom and tips of their trades. Recipes, book recommendations, yoga flows? Expect all of that and more.

There's a lot to feel anxious about right now, and with some of our normal coping mechanisms off the table—like a sweaty workout class or luxe beauty treatment—it can be trickier to recenter.

We asked Gaux Girl and CAP Beauty co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer to share the daily rituals she relies on to feel some calm in the midst of this storm. From the special blends she makes with CAP Beauty powders and butters (even though their physical stores are temporarily closed, they're still shipping!) to her twice-daily meditation, we hope her habits inspire you.


"Making a tonic is one of my favorite ways to deal with the ebbs and flows of the day. In the morning I add The Matcha, The Coconut Butter, Moon Juice Ashwagandha, and Zizia Focus Tincture to nut milk and blend it in the Vitamix. I practice Transcendental Meditation two times a day too, once in the morning and once in the afternoon."


"I love to add our 4PM O'Clock Blend, The Coconut Butter, and The Light Ray (for vitamin C support) to water. It's really delicious and supports me as my focus starts to wane. I've also been taking a daily yoga class from my friends on Sky Ting TV and do Kundalini daily to keep me focused and strong."


"I mix the 10PM blend with a base of herbal tea, The Coconut Butter, and The Light Ray again. It sets me up for a good night's sleep and is a routine I look forward to at the end of the day. I also love to take a bath—I'm especially into Daughter of the Land bath salts—and read every night before bed."

Kerrilynn and co-founder Cindy DiPrima are wearing The Heel.