Meet the Artist: Catherine Owen


Of the many new things we were excited to reveal this year, our hand-painted Demis topped the list. Something we'd been dreaming of for ages, this bespoke touch came to life via artist Catherine Owen (a New York-based talent we connected with over Instagram after we spotted a pair she'd customized for herself).

To celebrate the success of these one-of-a-kind beauties, we asked Catherine to share some insights on her process, love for art, and what she's dreaming up for us next.

When did you first become interested in art?

Growing up, I was always pursuing some sort of creative endeavor, from making my own stationery, to painting and selling pottery, to studying Art History throughout high school and college. My high school art teacher, Mr. Noyes, was one of my greatest sources of inspiration, and I really developed my personal artistic style while learning from him. Throughout college, I focused on Art History and photography, but missed the creative outlet that painting provided.  

My parents have always nurtured my creativity and encouraged me to pursue it in more of a professional capacity since I was very young. 

How did you decide to pursue art professionally?

I've worked as an interior designer since graduating college and would paint at home after work to relax and unwind. A few years ago, while completing a graduate program in design at Parsons, I began taking my art more seriously. I started taking on commissions and doing invitation and logo design for a number of friends, which has led to so many different opportunities and personal creative development. Since then, I have begun to design wallpapers, textiles, and invitations in a more professional capacity. 

Shoes are such a unique medium. Where did the idea to start painting on them come from?

During quarantine, I used painting as a creative outlet and stress reliever and began experimenting with different mediums like lampshades and shoes. I wanted a pair of monogrammed flats, but didn't find any options that were well priced and exactly the look that I wanted—so I figured I would just do it myself. 

I have always been a huge fan of Margaux, and l adore the brand; I love the fit and the overall look, so it was the perfect combination. I started by painting two pairs for myself and then began painting them for friends and developed a few patterns and different monogram styles. 

For you, what's the perfect outfit to wear with a pair of monogrammed Demis?

The beauty of the hand-painted Demi is that you can so easily dress it up or down. I love to wear my daisy Demis with a pair of jeans, a white tee shirt and camel cashmere sweater and I'm good to go. It adds a great spin to a simple outfit.

What inspired that beautiful daisy motif?

I wanted to create something I would personally wear on an everyday basis and that fit into my overall style and aesthetic. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers: They're simple and elegant and make for the perfect pattern.  I've particularly loved painting the pattern on the different color Demis—especially the cerulean. It makes the pattern really pop and gives it new life. 

What are you dreaming up for our next Margaux-exclusive print?

I am working on a print incorporating Turkish Evil Eyes. I have always loved them and gravitate towards the varying tones of blue—I think they will look so stunning on the Nappa Saddle Demis. We are also thinking of different ways to incorporate monograms on different parts of the shoe in different sizes and colors. Stay tuned!

Order your pair of monogrammed Demis here.

Photos by Kirsten Francis