3 Shoes Ready for Holiday Party Season


Winter reliably means a slew of party invitations, from work events to family get-togethers to nights out with friends. And when it comes to style, getting your shoes sorted is just as important as picking the perfect outfit.

While we designed The Uptown Sandal knowing it'd be perfect for dressed-up nights (especially in noir velvet), we have a few other favorites that are just right for mixing in with whatever tailored trousers, jumpsuits, and cocktail dresses you favor for fêtes.

1. The Loafer in Navy Velvet

The Loafer in Leopard Haircalf, $275

2. The Heel in Burgundy

The Heel in Burgundy, $245

3. The Uptown Sandal in Gold

The Uptown Sandal in Gold, $285