Why We're Focusing on Confidence This Month


We believe confidence starts from the ground up. Since the beginning, we've been designing products that inspire confidence and empower women in their everyday through style and comfort. That mission has never felt more relevant—or necessary—than it does today. 

So this July we’re focusing on the ins, outs, ups, and downs of finding and building confidence. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see interviews with women we admire, opportunities to get involved and give back, and much more. 

Get involved with Step Up's Summer Series here.

Confidence is key.

But it doesn't just happen. Finding it, building it, nurturing it is a lifelong journey. And often, it begins with a support system of others who can help, coach, and share advice. When discussing ways our team could give back earlier this year, it was clear that we were all passionate about helping the next generation of women in the same way that we were supported, encouraged, challenged, and loved while navigating the oft-tricky years of high school, university life, and early career.

What we're doing.

Beyond the confidence-centered content we'll be launching throughout the month, we'll be putting boots on the (virtual) ground, teaming up with two special nonprofits to help give back and engage with their communities.

Girls Inc. is on a mission to "inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold"—so naturally, their work resonated deeply with our focus on confidence. They work with girls ages 6 to 18 in every aspect of personal development (or what they term "the whole girl"); healthy living, academic support, and life skills are all given equal attention in the journey toward fostering confident, happy, healthy women. We'll be outfitting a group of their graduating high school seniors in classic flats that will work in college classrooms and beyond. Sarah and Alexa will participate in their Girl Boss series too, sharing the lessons they've learned as young female entrepreneurs and close friends.

Our entire team will also log off for an afternoon in order to participate in a virtual mentoring session with Step Up, answering questions and sharing personal and professional insights. Step Up is also inviting the Black women in our community to participate in this summer's Black Girls Town Hall. We welcome you to reach out if you're interested in participating and will gladly help facilitate that connection. 

How you can get involved. 

Donate, advocate, raise your voice on social media—there are multiple ways for individuals to help. There are over 1,500 local Girls Inc. groups where you can volunteer in an area close to you too (find the nearest one here).

If your company or team would like to participate in a virtual mentoring session like the one we are doing with Step Up, or if you would like to speak to someone about participating in the Black Girls Town Hall, scheduled for later this month, please reach out to us at founders@margauxny.com. You can find more information about their Summer Series programming here.

We hope you'll find these stories and opportunities helpful, uplifting, and inspiring—we can't wait to get gaux'ing!