The Art of Balancing Quality and Price


In the second part of our series on inclusive luxury and its importance to the Margaux world, we're examining the balance of price and quality and the ways in which a direct-to-consumer model allows us to find the perfect balance.

When it comes to budget and deciding what is or isn't expensive, opinions vary widely from person to person. The entire team at Margaux HQ has seen that fact unfold in real time as we interact with the amazing array of women we're proud to call gaux girls. For every shopper who slips off a pair of heels from a famous European designer and is amazed by the price and comfort level of our version, there's another who will pen a heartfelt note about how she can't wait to save up enough to invest in a second pair of Margauxes. 

The idea of price inclusivity is a key component of the Margaux story, yet defining those two words isn't an easy task. From our earliest days we focused on crafting the highest quality shoe at the lowest possible price. As with anything, when you cut back here and slash a bit there, the end result ultimately suffers. We wanted to build a stable of shoes that would feel amazing on, wear beautifully, and stand the test of time—and knew we could do it for significantly less than the famous brands we grew up lusting after.

So, how did we do it? There's no magic potion, but simply thoughtful approaches to each and every element. 

  • We maintain a tightly curated collection of styles, allowing ourselves to really focus on timeless silhouettes and perfecting those. Margaux isn't a brand that will craft extremely trend-driven pieces likely to flame out quickly: When we introduce something new, we want it to stick around.
  • We work with a small, family-owned factory in Spain that allows for direct communication and ordering in lower amounts. 
  • We remove the middle man, opting to sell directly online or in our own, jewel-box retail spaces.
  • We committed to price integrity early on, working on a model that doesn't discount. Our shoes are priced to reflect the work that goes into them, and we want shoppers to be comfortable buying without worrying that a sale could be right around the corner.

The conversation on inclusive luxury isn't over. Dive into our thoughts on size inclusivity here, then stay tuned for a look at what we're doing to create an environment welcoming to all.