Founders' Favorites: Sarah


Over the past five years, so many thoughtful, fashionable minds have had a hand in making Margaux what it is. Even so, there's no denying the impact that co-founders Sarah and Alexa have had in driving forward what the vision of the brand is. From the colors we count as unofficial classics to the new silhouettes we develop, both are involved in every detail. 

Here, a look at some of Sarah's favorite things.

Favorite shoe for day:

The Demi in Ballet Pink.

Favorite shoe for night:

The Uptown Sandal in Poppy Suede—this color makes even a simple look feel punchy.


Our Sienna Velvet loafer sits near the top of my list: It's a gorgeous, rich color that is surprisingly wearable.

Favorite way to start the day:

My best mornings are ones that start with a strong cup of coffee, a homemade breakfast, and NPR playing on the radio.

Favorite part of working with your best friend:

After 10 years of friendship our lives are so intertwined that it's hard to pick just one. So, I'll pick a theme instead: Our work has taken us to countless places, whether we were hauling steamer trunks to an event, taking meetings in a new city, or opening a pop-up. In each of the many places we've gone together, we've made a point to have a night, just the two of us: We dig up recommendations for haunts and restaurants from local friends, plot our course through a city, throw on a favorite pair of shoes, and get going. It's usually nothing fancy, but it's impossibly fun—and always an adventure. Even better, it gives each of these cities and destinations a special meaning rooted in those memories.

Favorite trait of Alexa's: 

I admire her natural gift of storytelling so much: She has a way with words in conversation unlike anyone I've ever met. She can immediately connect, inspire, move people. It's remarkable and—as someone who thinks better on paper than out loud—something I've tried to emulate, though have yet to master.

She also has a way of seeing what is not yet, but could be. Her vision and imagination inspire all of us at HQ.

Favorite movie theater snack:

Sno-Caps... Is that a Florida thing?

Favorite place to travel:

Patmos, Greece.

Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon in NYC:

I live in an old converted townhouse in Chelsea, complete with creaky floors and crooked ceilings—all worth it for the tall windows and proximity to the High Line Hotel. I'd start there for coffee and the Sunday crossword, then stroll along the West Side highway downtown. On my way back up, I'd check in on our Bleecker Street store and stop into a few favorite neighborhood shops

To round out the day, I'd meet a friend at Bar Pisellino—a chic, Italian-inspired hangout on Grove Street—for a Negroni before wandering across the way to sister restaurant Via Carota or heading back to my block for a burger at my old faithful, Empire Diner.

Favorite way to get inspired:

Going offline and getting outdoors. I grew up in Florida, where most waking hours outside of school were spent outside, whether on the patio or at sports practice. Even today, there's no time I feel more energized than when I'm on the move and enjoying the outdoors, be it on a hike, running down the Hudson River, or simply pausing to take it all in.

Favorite small business to shop:

Our good friend Molly Fienning's Southern-inspired hot sauce, Red Clay, is the pantry staple you didn't know you were missing. We first met Molly—and discovered Red Clay—through our Charleston pop-up and are obsessed. It's thoughtfully crafted and has been doing incredible work to give back to the Charleston community during the current crisis. With colorful packaging, it makes for a great gift, too.

Favorite thing you've cooked recently:

I just whipped up a greens-and-grains salad with Serena Wolf for an upcoming episode of A Margaux Moment, and it's bound to become my go-to lunch: simple, fresh, and minimal work required. Keep an eye out for the recipe and the episode, coming soon to the blog and IGTV!