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Gaux Girl - Nicole Berrie


While there’s certainly nothing revolutionary about declaring “wellness” as a full-fledged lifestyle, few people (if anyone) embody the soul-bettering, body-nourishing vibe more than Bonberi founder Nicole Berrie. She’s become a source of inspiration and education for others via her site, a curated collection of recipes, travel guides, and, most recently, New York's first plant-based Bodega (conveniently located just across from us on Bleecker Street) that all thoughtfully consider what we’re putting into our bodies and minds. So, with a fresh season ahead of us, now felt like the perfect time to connect with Nicole for her favorite restaurants, healthy kitchen staples, and tips for living a more mindful life on the go.

Have wellness always been an important part of your lifestyle? If not, when did the become priorities? 

My father was a diabetic so I’ve always been exposed to how food can directly affect your health and well-being. After he passed away from complications due to diabetes, I really did an overhaul of the way I approached nourishing myself. Since college, I was drawn to veganism but didn’t like the titles or restrictions since I also dealt with eating disorders. Once graduating and moving to NYC, I was more interested in finding a balance where I felt nourished spiritually and physically. I began experimenting with cooking my favorite foods but using cleaner options and although I found o thrived mostly eating plant-based foods, I left room for indulgence, which seemed to be the perfect match for me. Now my own wellness and my family’s is first and foremost since I know what we put in our bodies and expose ourselves to directly affects everything else. It’s just our way of life now. 

What are the staples you always have in your kitchen?

  • A Mandolin for shaving vegetables paper thin 
  • A mini food processor for blending dressings and dips 
  • A very good Japanese butcher knife

What misconceptions about food and diet do you think are hardest for people to stop believing?

Portion control, calorie counting, and fat/carbohydrate counting. I would love for people to shift their focus on making sure they’re incorporating fresh, raw leafy greens, nourishing vegetables and grounding grains into their diet. When we eat living, plant-based foods our health and wellness will naturally shift and we don’t have to stress about where we are getting our nutrients from, we can simply enjoy the earth’s bounty that is naturally designed to make us thrive. 

Where have you had some of your best meals? (a restaurant, a city, a personal residence…)

  • A place called the “Fish shack” in Ibiza 
  • Hangawi, a vegan korean restaurant in nyc 
  • Any bbq in our garden during the summer 

What’s your favorite meal to cook?

Plant-based taco night! 

Is there a spice or ingredient you’ve recently “discovered”?

Finger limes! And sumac :) 

What are your top 3 places to eat or drink in the West Village?

  1. Malaparte
  2. Orient Express 
  3. Sant Ambroeus

What does your typical workday uniform look like?

  • High waisted Toteme jeans
  • Reebok Classics 
  • Lily Ashwell cropped white tee 
  • Doen cable knit sweater 
  • Chanel wool coat from my mom 
  • A Loewe tie dye suede carpet bag from my husband

What does being a girl on the gaux mean to you?

Especially being a mom of two now, my days never look alike! Whether it’s running to school drop-off, the shop or our commercial kitchen I’ve learned the beauty of being flexible and being able to pivot when circumstances call for it. In this day and age “office hours” don’t always mean being chained to a desk but sometimes being on the go means being even more productive! 


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Photos by Kirsten Francis for Margaux