Fit Notes: The Boot


When it comes to finding your perfect fit in The Boot, personal preference plays a major factor: How—and where—do you plan on wearing yours? Whether you plan on opting for tights or a thicker sock will affect the size you should ultimately go for.

Not sure about the above? Consider when you'll be wearing and the weather your day-to-day involves. Northeastern gaux girls who pull theirs on mostly in the winter months will likely want a sock that adds another layer of warmth, while southern or California shoppers might pick the thinnest option possible (if anything at all).

Ready to add a pair to your closet? See tips from the team below, then decide if you want a neutral hue or something louder like leopard (or both...).

  • Keep in mind you'll be expecting a different fit in The Boot than other Margaux styles. The additional coverage is more forgiving, meaning you can opt for a style that feels roomier or tighter and both fits are "correct." It's down to how you want your foot to feel in the shoe.
  • If you'll be wearing barefoot or with tights, take your normal size. If you plan on using a thicker sock, consider going a half-size up (the exception being if you like a snug fit).
  • Don't worry about uncomfortable rubbing. The top of the boot is designed to hit roughly an inch above the ankle bone, avoiding the chafing or irritation that can come with a lower rise.
  • Interior zippers extend all the way to the sole, allowing for a wide opening to slide shoes on and off. We've found this to be especially helpful for people with high arches who might struggle to get other ankle boots on.
  • While there's relatively no break-in period with The Boot, don't be concerned if the area around the widest part of your foot feels right. It will slightly stretch during the first few wears. 
  • The leather lining used throughout the shoe maintains the shape's integrity, keeping it from ever losing its shape or looking slouchy.