Fit Notes: The City Sandal


Gaux girls everywhere are prepping to spend their second summer in The City Sandal. It's been an undeniable hit since launching last year: from the heel height (wonderfully walkable) to the silhouette (casual enough for the weekend and dressy enough for weddings), it's an instant classic and wardrobe MVP. Whether you're thinking about buying your first pair or coming back for round two, here's everything to know about the size and fit of this silhouette.

  • Fit-wise, The City Sandal runs true to size. Order the same size as you would in The Demi, Pointe, or Loafer. If you don't own a pair of Margaux yet, check the size guide on each product's page (which is tailored to that specific silhouette) for easy conversion help.
  • The straps across the front of foot will continuously soften with wear. The placement was also thoughtfully considered so that your foot will feel supported without undue rubbing.
  • At 2.5-inches, the heel height is supremely walkable. We designed it for a bit of lift, creating an elegant silhouette for formal events or the office, but not so high that too much weight falls on the front of the foot. It's the same height we use in our other hero products, The Heel and The Boot.
  • Our signature foam padding keeps things ultra comfortable. Six millimeters of plush padding provide a cloud-like cushion that makes walking city block after city block a breeze—hence the name.
  • The combination of form and function made it one of our silhouettes we knew was perfect for bridal. Getting married? You can create your own custom pair in our Atelier.
Shop all colors of The City Sandal here.