3 Things to Know About Caring for Suede Shoes


In a nice contradiction, the luxe feel of suede doesn't actually mean it's super delicate. Rather, it can put up with dings and dirt better than Nappa leather (especially when you invest some TLC into its care, an easy feat with our Suede Care Kit).

There are certain best practices when it comes to taking proper care of your suede shoes. Far from being complicated or super time-intensive, it's all blissfully quick and easy—AKA there's little room for excuses not to. 

  • Prior to wearing a new pair, use a protector. This step should happen while they're still pristine and free from any of the grime that's unavoidable upon your first wear. Use the protectant spray in a well-ventilated area and apply at least two coats. Testing for colorfastness by spraying on a small area first is always wise, though be aware that the spray will often temporarily darken the suede. 
  • If the suede does get wet due to weather or accidents, the key is to act fast. Blot as much moisture as possible with a cloth or paper towel. 
  • When it's time for a clean, use the small brush first to remove surface dirt and dust. Then spray the cleaner onto the suede, work in with a towel or the brush (clean it first), and allow to dry. After, use the brush again to make the suede look luxe again.  

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