Exactly How to Wear Zebra Print


The fall trend we're most excited about? Exotic, noir-on-tan zebra stripes. It was the animal print most heavily represented on fall runways, and introducing it into our collection felt like a natural fit.

We opted to bring the print to life as a luxe haircalf version of The Pointe, a polished neutral that ought to be worn to work, on the weekend, and everywhere else. While there's likely already some leopard spotting your closet, zebra is more unique—and therefore a bit trickier when deciding how to wear.

We asked our creative director (and well-known fashion stylist) Samantha Traina to weigh in on the best way to integrate it into your wardrobe.

"Treat it like any other stripe. It can be layered in as an unexpected neutral or a playful pop," Sam notes. There's no right or wrong hue to wear with it, either: Almost everything works. "Zebra pairs impressively well with most colors, from brights to subdued shades. I'm personally excited to wear these [flats] with denim this fall."

Sam is all for print-mixing too (though she agrees pairing with leopard might be animalistic overload).

"It looks great mixed with other bold prints, especially floral. Have fun with it—there really are no set rules, and zebra's very versatile."

The Pointe in Zebra Haircalf, $245 

First and third images by Brad Bridgers for Margaux; second by Kirsten Francis for Margaux