Why Inclusive Luxury Is So Important


Building a brand is a journey, filled with changes and developments, yet there are some beliefs and elements that remain just as important throughout as they were on day one. For us, it's the idea of "inclusive luxury." Now, as we approach our fifth anniversary, we wanted to share what we really mean by those two words.

1. Inclusive sizing

It's about creating a product with an unparalleled range of available sizes, helping those who struggled in the past to find chic, high-quality shoes that were big or small enough. It's destroying the notion that all women have the same width foot; instead, we examine each silhouette and make subtle modifications to perfect it for narrow and wide sizes.

2. Inclusive pricing

It's about cutting out the processes that routinely drive up retail prices, allowing us to offer the highest quality product at an amount that won't bleed your bank account. 

From the fit to the feel, every pair of Margaux is on par with the labels you'll find on the glossiest of department store shelves, yet retail for less than half of the average cost. We knew when we started Margaux that it was essential for all shoppers to be able to invest in a pair, whether that meant a senior-level exec buying two pairs rather than one or a college student saving up to order a pair of flats she'll wear weekly. 

3. Inclusive environment

It's also about the space and environment we have made for our gaux girls everywhere. Whether online or in-person, we want everyone to feel welcome and accepted—Margaux is a world we all belong in. Modern technology means the act of shopping can require the minimum effort, but we committed early to going far beyond that with exemplary customer service and a sunny attitude that we want to come through no matter the medium.

We'll be diving into each of these three pillars over the coming months. Please follow along and join in the conversation here and @margauxny.