What Inclusive Luxury Means to Us


Building a brand is a journey filled with changes and developments; and yet there is a continuity of certain beliefs as important throughout as they were on day one. For us, it's the ideal of "inclusive luxury": a multi-faceted movement toward making luxury footwear a more inclusive space. At HQ, this theme permeates everything we touch, from product and content, to retail experiences. So, we wanted to share what inclusive luxury means to us:

1. Inclusive sizing

From day one, we've offered an unparalleled range of available sizes in both lengths and widths, helping those who struggled in the past to find chic, high-quality shoes that fit well. Championing inclusive sizing in footwear means taking on the notion that "one size fits all": We know it doesn't. And by helping customers find their perfect fit, we're able to further our charge of creating shoes that compromise on neither quality, style, or comfort.

2. Inclusive pricing

We've cut out processes and channels that routinely drive up retail prices, allowing us to offer the highest quality product at a fair price. From the fit to the feel, every pair of Margaux is on par with the labels you'll find on the glossiest of department store shelves, yet retail for less than half of the average cost. We knew when we started Margaux that it was essential for our products to be covetable and priced within reach for most women.

3. Inclusive environment

We want to create beautiful, inspiring spaces for gaux girls everywhere. Whether online or in-person, we want everyone to feel welcome and accepted—Margaux's world is one in which we all belong. Modern commerce means the act of shopping can require the minimum effort, but want every experience to be marked with exemplary customer service and expertise, no matter the medium.

We'll be diving into each of these three pillars over the coming months. Follow along to join in the conversation here and at @margauxny.