What to Know About The Penny


Each time we launch a new silhouette, it feels like an occasion worthy of a merry celebration. So much love, thought, and work goes into developing a shoe to ensure that it's the most comfortable, most beautiful version it can be—and our newest is no exception.

The Penny is a cousin of our beloved Loafer, an unlined suede shoe meant for the moment (one where we're still looking to get dressed even as we navigate home offices and virtual dinners with friends). 

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Curious to know more? We asked Sarah—whose role involves keeping an eye on every tweak and stitch that happens in a shoe's development—to share more about what makes The Penny so very special.

It has a uniquely flexible feel.

"While our Loafer and newly-released Penny might appear close cousins in outward appearance, they are two completely different shoes in feel, construction, and fit. Our original Loafer draws inspiration from the classic smoking slipper, with its sleek upper, and more tailored, supportive fit. Our Penny, on the other hand, combines that look of our original Loafer last with a unique and supremely flexible fit. 

"We took an all-new approach to constructing this shoe—inspired by the way many of us are living and dressing right now. The resulting silhouette is unlined and ultra-flexible, made from the same gorgeous calf suede we used for our Downtown Boot—a material with lots of texture, flex, and rich color. Paired with our rubbed-tipped leather sole, supportive insole, and plush foam padding, this may be the most comfortable shoe we've ever made."

It fits like a glove.

"This shoe features an unlined construction, which means that it's largely a single layer of leather—only using a soft, precisely-cut skeleton lining to give the shoe just enough shape and support. As a result, it feels and fits like a glove and is remarkably comfortable and flexible. There's little to no break-in time, and it will only get more comfortable with wear. An added bonus? This ultra-soft feel makes it perfect for dressing up your at-home wardrobe."

Per your request.

"After spending much of the last year in conversation with our customers, we knew our community was craving a modern interpretation of the staple penny loafer—so we set out to make exactly that. 

"We developed this product with two distinct goals in mind: designing for that tailored, tomboyish look, while also delivering on style and comfort in a whole new way."

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