Opening Night at Margaux Bleecker


After traveling to all corners of the country for pop-ups and events, we've finally brought Margaux home to New York City. Our store on Bleecker Street is - in all of its beautiful little details - a culmination of everything we have learned over the past three years. Each of the store's fixtures, textures, elements and (occasional) hacks represent a learning from our journey to this moment. There have been few things more exciting than designing our very first permanent store - and getting the chance to invite our closest friends and family to come celebrate this milestone moment with us.

Much to our surprise (and utter delight!), Margaux Bleecker's opening night quickly turned into a block party with a hundred reveling guests. Overflowing with friends, family, and new West Village neighbors, our Bleecker street jewel-box was aglow.

As the crowd grew, so did the line for the night's piece de resistance: ice cream, scooped by Morgenstern's own. Hand-picked by the ice cream connoisseurs of Margaux HQ, Morgenstern's served special scoops from their old-fashioned cart in fanciful flavors, from strawberry rhubarb to coconut sorbet.

From start to finish, the night was a dream. This adventure of a lifetime has been made possible by so many of the people who came out to celebrate that night, and to bring our extended family all together for a special night at our new Bleecker Street home was something we will never (ever) forget.

Alexa and Sarah


Photos by Kirsten Francis for Margaux