From the Desk of Sarah & Alexa

Dear gaux girls, 

For many, the first days and weeks of a new year offer a chance to reflect on the year past and set intentions for the new one ahead. Perhaps in this unusual season, they mark a shift in perspective—even if physical circumstances remain largely the same. The practice and ritual of resolutions is an important one for the two of us, both individually and as best-friends-slash-business-partners. Naturally then, they have become an important part of kicking off the new year at Margaux HQ. 

It has been eleven long months since the world changed so drastically and suddenly. And while there is still so much uncertainty, there is much hope: For our team, there is a renewed sense of excitement for the possibilities of the months and years ahead. And as a brand, we have been reflecting on that sense of forward motion, a defining feature of the Margaux spirit since day one. Passionate, multi-faceted, and thoughtful, the Margaux woman is going places literally and figuratively. Even when that means never leaving home.

From every corner of this country (and quickly, the world) our community of gaux girls continues to inspire us and remind us to never stop dreaming. Whatever this year brings, we’ll do just that: Dreaming, creating, iterating, listening, and continuing on in our mission of building a brand that reflects and celebrates what it means to be a woman on the gaux, wherever you are heading.

Here’s to going places,