70% of Women Are Wearing The Wrong Shoe Size


In the final part of our series on inclusive luxury and its importance to our brand, we dive into size inclusivity and what it means for Margaux.

For too long, beauty has been associated with pain. From restrictive clothing to uncomfortable cosmetic treatments, nothing was exempt—including our shoes. 

When we first started building Margaux, we were floored to realize how many women were subjecting themselves to the wrong size shoe (when we launched, an astonishing 88 percent of women suffered through shoes that are simply too small). Researchers have found that the average women's foot is up two shoe sizes from the '70s, yet the market hasn't sufficiently expanded to make larger sizes easier to find. Since then, the staggering percentage has reduced to an estimated 70 percent, but we still have a long way to go.

The idea of size inclusivity may be regularly discussed in the greater fashion world, yet most consumers, editors, and designers associate it only with apparel. The idea attracted due attention as plus-size shoppers demanded more—and better—options, and brands began to modify their offerings to make wide ranges more commonplace. Separate sections combined, allowing a single product to be offered from, say, 00 to 24.

We watched and applauded, but wanted the same focus to be placed on footwear. With Margaux, we decided to write the script ourselves. Almost all of our styles is offered from a European 33 to 45 (approximately US 3 to 14) and in three different widths (narrow, medium, and wide). Beyond that, our made-to-measure offering allows for sizes outside of that range and tricky fit situations to literally walk away with a pair of shoes that don't exist elsewhere.

It's also important to us that we help educate women on their proper fit. In-store, that means having Fit Specialists who know our various silhouettes (and size options!) inside and out so that they can lead people to the just-right combo. Online, it's utilizing our Fit Quiz and working with our incredible customer experience team that will help you find your best fit.

And while we're making strides toward a more inclusive footwear offering, we know there's always work to be done. Is there a size you'd like us to carry? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at help@margauxny.com to start the conversation.