#gauxtips: A De-Stress Yoga Flow


Introducing #gauxtips, a new series of tips, advice, and recommendations from our smart, endlessly amazing family of Gaux Girls. We'll introduce you to some of the founders, designers, and execs who make up this amazing community of women as we take another step into each of their unique worlds to bring you shareable nuggets of wisdom and tips of their trades. Recipes, book recommendations, yoga flows? Expect all of that and more.

Every cool, yoga-loving New Yorker we know is obsessed with SKY TING's Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones. The friends-slash-co-founders have created a space for bodies and minds to unwind and recenter—something we need now more than ever. 

Thankfully, the duo has made it easy to take a class even if distance, or COVID-19 restrictions, makes getting into the studio impossible. SKY TING TV is their recently debuted streaming service, where people can catch unlimited yoga videos for $20 a month (roughly the price of a single class in most major cities). You won't get bored either: The platform's been stocked with plenty of variety, including different flows, levels, and videos focusing exclusively on breathwork and meditation. 

Logged in to TING TV? See Chloe's recommendation for what to stream. Then, break down the easy, at-home flow she shared specially for gaux girls. "It's a good posture for anyone who's feeling overly anxious."

For beginners:
  • 23-min Anti-Stress Class
  • 16-min Hip Opening Mini Class
  • 19-min Standing Pose Flow Class
All levels:
  • 23-min Hip and Shoulder Opening Class
  • 19-min Restorative Wind Down Class
  • 52-min Detox Class
A variation of standing wide-legged forward fold:
  1. Separate your feet wide, keeping your feet parallel.
  2. Bring your hands to your hips. Inhale to lift your chest and gaze up to the ceiling. On the exhale, begin to hinge from your hips. Release the hands to the floor or yoga blocks. [Substitute thick books or shoe boxes for yoga blocks.]
  3. Inhale for a half lift, looking straight ahead. Exhale. Set your blocks up so that your forehead can rest on something as you begin to walk your hands forward. This should feel and look like downward-facing dog, but with your feet very wide. Instead of letting lots of weight settle into your arms, be light on your fingertips and keep the majority of body weight in your legs and feet.
  4. Stay for 5 to 10 breaths. To come out, bring your hands under your shoulders and heel-toe your feet closer together.
  5. Place your hands on your hips. Come all the way up to stand maintaining a long spine.
  6. Take a final sweep of your arms up to the ceiling; inhale. As you exhale, anchor your hands at the center of your chest and let your eyes soften focus or close.
  7. Stay for another cycle of breath, feeling your feet rooted and your chest lifted and bright.

Krissy is wearing The Demi.