Why The Sock Is More Than a Sock


Our ethos has always focused on an accessory being so much more than an accessory. The perfect pair of shoes—or socks—isn't something to wear because you must; rather, it's a way to feel confident or beautiful and to inject a bit of elegance or luxury into an everyday moment. 

That feeling has never been more important than lately, and to celebrate on the little things, we asked Gaux Girl Molly Fienning to take The Sock for a spin (and share why she's been loving the little boost they give her). 

What's been your favorite place to wear The Sock?

"Working at home, I've been wearing my favorite Margaux socks most days with either my Lake Pajamas robe and a mug of hot coffee or my La Ligne dresses during a Red Clay Zoom meeting. Once the sun goes down, I'll style The Sock with my Uptown Sandals, a dress, and a leather jacket for a girls' dinner out."

Why is a great sock never just a sock?

"For me, a good sock is all about the quality of material. It should be soft and thin with good stretch. The Sock uses a soft cotton-cashmere blend that's perfection and takes it up a notch with its elegant palette of colors and pretty detailing."

How are you fitting little luxuries into the everyday?

"Last year taught me, more than ever, that all we have is the present and that we need to live fully by seeing, honing, and curating beauty and joy in this moment. Lovely socks that make me happy are one example of that. More examples are quality time for personal reflection each morning, strong, slightly sweet coffee, a bold glass of Cabernet in the evening shared with people I love, and story time with my boys at bedtime." 

Shop all colors and heights of The Sock here.