Team Picks: What We're Gifting


Holiday shopping can be a stressful but exciting task—especially once you've found the perfect gift. We're sharing some of our team's tried and true favorites that we can't wait to gift to the women in our lives this holiday season. 

"My oldest childhood friend now lives in London and is always on the go—Whenever she comes home for Christmas, I try to add to her growing collection of Margaux shoes. She's been eyeing a pair of our Olive Classic flats, and loves our made-to-measure option for a glove-like fit. With its thoughtful details and elegant packaging, our gift box makes for such a beautiful gifting experience to boot."

– Sarah Pierson, Co-founder

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"I am gifting my best friend the Slipper in Heather this year. She's just moved into a new apartment in New York, and these slippers are the perfect treat to put on the moment you get home from a long day. They're often not something you think to buy for yourself, and therefore, in my mind, the ultimate indulgence. I wear mine every night and they always feel like such a treat!"

- Alexa Buckley, Co-founder

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"I can't wait for my mom to put these on! She is a huge fan of The Loafer style and often chooses her outfit to match her pair of Loafers in Cognac because, as she said, "they are SOOO comfortable!" She just has this one tried-and-true pair - as she doesn't like to spend on herself - so I know these will be a great addition to her wardrobe, with an added bit of pizzazz."

– Lindsay Rosenblum, Director of Retail

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"My stepmom rarely spends on herself (and hates shopping), so giving her a classic flat she'll absolutley live in is a no-brainer. I guarantee she'll never have experienced a fit this perfect; the fact that she didn't have to do any of the shop-work by herself will be an added bonus."

– Leah Melby Clinton, Director of Communications

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"I can’t wait to gift my sister our limited edition Gal Meets Glam boot. She is already a huge Margaux fan, but I know she doesn’t have anything similar in her shoe-wardrobe. What I love most about our boot is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion - it looks just as good with a frayed pair of jeans as it does with a chic midi skirt - making this pair the perfect versatile gift. And the cute bow on the ankle gives it a playful twist! I knew right away these would be perfect for her, and made sure to grab a pair while the special edition style was still available!"

– Augusta Winthrop, Manager of Retail Experience

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"I can't wait to gift my sister the Classic in Leopard Haircalf and packable Shoe Shapers this year. She's an interior designer, and therefore always on her feet sourcing textiles and materials, taking meetings, going to projects on-site, and realizing her vision from paper to reality. She's our perfect almond-toe Classic girl - practical, aesthetically-minded, and on-the-go - and the Classic adds that elevated polish that punctuates her style. To boot—the shapers will keep her shoes fresh anywhere she goes."

– Coco Paul-Henriot, Head of Digital and Creative Operations

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"My best friend is in desperate need of a good party shoe, and the Uptown Sandal in Velvet is exactly it. The luxe texture gives the neutral a wintery punch, and I know she’ll wear them everywhere (and into the wee hours) this holiday season."

– Gavriella Wolf, Head of Operations

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"I'm thrilled to be gifting The Loafer in Cognac to my grandmother this year. She has a great sense of style and I can see this comfortable classic quickly becoming a staple in her everyday wardrobe."

– Renee Janis, Associate, Graphic Design

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"My cousin is getting married in the new year, to a wonderful man, who happens to be a foot taller than her. She’s been on the hunt for a comfortable, taller heel for her wedding (with an emphasis on comfort for dancing). Though it won’t quite be a surprise, as picking out one’s wedding shoes is a big decision (and was made weeks in advance), I’m still beyond excited to gift them to her for the big day!"

– Molly Orr, Manager of Customer Experience

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