Team Memories: Birthday Edition


We turned five this month, a major milestone that's included so many moments. Big or small, funny or heartfelt, they combine to form a real picture of what it's like to work for a company where we sit and work side-by-side in all elements of the business. 

To tell the full story of the past five years, we asked our entire team to share some of the memories that have stood out to them. Here, what truly makes Margaux Margaux.

"My favorite memories are from our sample sales, which are truly unlike any other days working at Margaux. The sales are such a fun way to informally bring old product and new prototypes in front of customers and bring the team together to pitch in outside our normal roles—the results are both gratifying and full of some necessary humor.  From meeting our customers in person and introducing new gaux girls to the brand to hilarious, delirious behind-the-scene moments (hello, toppling towers of shoe boxes!), the sale is always an all-hands-in team experience." — Gavriella, Operations

"I joined Margaux mid-February, so I'm still creating memories, but right before I started I attended a Marie Claire x Margaux book club event, and got to meet everyone outside of the interview process, and see the team in action. It confirmed what I already knew: I had made the right choice." — Alexandra, Acquisitions 

"The lead-up to the opening of our Georgetown store is one of my favorite moments. It was the culmination of long hours and unforeseen challenges, and the end result was pure Margaux magic. To me, this picture captures it all, including team members on the ground in DC or those back in New York at headquarters. 

"There's Alexa, just returned from being interviewed and taking a photo of our 'hot off the press' sign installation to send back to the office to keep everyone updated every step of the way. Augusta, taking a much deserved break from masterfully arranging flowers to snap this photo, and me, working with the wallpaper installer to make sure everything was perfect.

"I knew back at the office Sarah was finalizing elements of our first Gal Meets Glam collaboration launch before heading to a train to come join us; Leah was working on a blog post to announce the opening; and Coco was building a special section on the website to announce DC. Gav was busily working on new product coming in; Molly was telling customers that yes, it was true about DC; and Renee was putting the finishing design touches on invitations and emails. All in all, this one moment perfectly captures what I love about us: our team and how everyone's individual role fits together perfectly." — Lindsay, Retail

"One of my most special memories to date has been how Alexa and Sarah never batted an eye when, during our very first conversation about a role on the team, I announced I was pregnant. Words can't express how touched I was by the thoughtfulness they put into navigating my entire experience. It was a new thing for all of us—I'd never had a baby, the company had never had a pregnant employee—and designing the ideal support structure was a group project. They made me feel so supported, from deciding what my maternity leave would look like to figuring out how to turn our office's tiny bathroom into a place where I could pump when returning post-baby." — Leah, Communications

"One of my favorite Margaux moments was being on set to see our first-ever heel come to life. After having spent months iterating and perfecting The Heel, watching that vision unfold together was the best way to commemorate what would become one of the cornerstones of the business." — Coco, Digital Operations

"It’s so hard to pick just one favorite moment from the past five years! One recent moment that stands out is the dinner we hosted in our Georgetown store for a small group of customers just after opening. We’d never done anything quite like it before, so it was a really fun project to work on putting together. 

"The week of the store opening was a whirlwind, to say the least. The dinner felt like the perfect culmination to cap off such an exciting time and a wonderful chance to get to slow down for a moment and connect with the really exceptional group of women gathered together." — Augusta, Customer Experience

"We take birthdays pretty seriously in our office and love to show our team members how much we care about them on their special day. I was so delighted to find my desk decorated for my birthday just a week after I joined Margaux. Since then, I've loved joining in on the fun of surprising and celebrating our other team members with their favorite treats on their birthdays!" — Renee, Graphic Design

A lot has happened in five years—see the full timeline here.