Uptown in Our Fall Demi


Since introducing the Demi last summer, it has quickly become a staple in our customers' wardrobes: Through its effortless combination of walking-on-air comfort and dressed-down elegance, we find it's the ultimate companion for time spent on and off duty. Like all of our styles, the Demi has evolved over time - even if in the subtlest of ways. 

While the construction and fit have remained the same, we've experimented with countless colors, finding a few so popular we had no choice but to bring them back (here's looking at you, Saddle), and have tweaked the shoe's elements ever so slightly for added wearability and durability. Think a thicker, more durable leather sole so that your Demis can keep you moving further, for longer.

As we write this post, we're watching the Black and Navy Demi quickly fly off the shelves - Alexa and I love the borrowed-from-the-French pairing of Black and Navy in everyday looks: Navy sweaters paired with black pants, or a navy and black stripe, perhaps. It's a less serious (and less boring) take on New York's all-black uniform but exudes similar elegance and effortlessness. 

It was only natural that this sartorial habit would also work its way into our designs as we explored new Demi colors for the fall, ultimately pairing a nappa upper in our stalwart navy hue with black grosgrain, cord, and our signature patent detail. It's also worth noting this edition is our first Demi to feature a black sole, a subtle nod to the dressier nature of this shoe's color palette.

Lightweight and infinitely walkable, our Demis always top our packing list when we get ready to set out on trips for work - and for leisure. Whether you're hitting the road or staying close to home this season, the Demi is your ultimate fall companion. 


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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux