Step into our Office


Big office, small office, home office — girls on the gaux tend to spend a lot of time in their workplaces, making a stylish, well-designed space an essential. Our team recently worked with Paul Bennett Architects (the design team behind our Bleecker flagship, as well) who helped us revamp our new Chelsea space into something that works for us (while maintaining a certain je ne sais quoi appeal.)

For our small team of bright, hard-working women, that meant airy communal spaces, mid-century furniture, and contemporary art curated by Uprise (a company led by the impressive Tze Chun — more to come about her in the future). 

Taking advantage of the wide windows that let natural light pour in topped our “musts” list, and Tze’s guidance in selecting art that would be perfectly situated was invaluable. 

Because we believe in the power of a good chat spot and perfectly appointed bookshelves — something you’ll notice when you visit any of our stores — installing both in the office was paramount. The former was accomplished via luxe velvet seating CB2; the latter courtesy of the recommended reads we ask our Gaux Girls to share.

In short, it’s a space we’re proud of and happy to call home (and so excited to share with you!). We’re firm believers in the necessity of both loving what you do and where you’re doing it — and now can say check and check. 


Photos by Kirsten Francis for Margaux