What to Do With New Shoes


You've found an amazing pair of shoes that fit perfectly... Then what? While it's tempting to go immediately from shoebox to street, there are a few things to do before wearing a new pair for the first time. Here are the steps that top our list:

  1. Make sure they fit. Stay on a carpeted surface to avoid damage should you need to exchange for a different size. Use whatever sock or tight you plan on regularly wearing, and try to test them out both morning and night to accommodate for any size difference at the end of a long day.
  2. Remove the protective liner. After you've decided the size is right, check to see if there's a protective plastic liner to remove on the outer sole. We use a thin film on The Demi and our sandals to make sure these sueded leather soles look pristine when they arrive to you.
  3. Keep the right pieces. Recycle any of the packaging you won't need for storage, and make sure to tuck the dustbag somewhere handy for when you travel or need to pack. Depending on the organization of your closet, consider ordering a pair of shoe shapers.
  4. Use protection. While all of our suede shoes are treated at the factory to help avoid marks, it's still best to double up. Protective sprays are easy to use and a good idea for suede or nappa leather (we love this one). 
  5. Get gaux'ing! The focus we place on fit and comfort means that most of our shoes require little to no break-in period. Still, the structure inherent in all of our designs—the key to ensuring they'll last for multiple seasons—might need two to three wears to really mold to your feet.